Cafeina – Caffeinated Spring Water (24 Pack) – 100mg Caffeine, Electrolytes, 7+ pH Balanced, Natural Energy Boost – Ultra Hydrating – Keto Friendly – Kosher – Pre-Workout Boost and Post-Workout Recovery




  • Cafeina, a 100 mg caffeine infused natural spring water is a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks made from naturally pure spring water infused with caffeine & electrolytes. Cafeina Natural Spring Water is ultra-hydrating, zero calorie, zero sugar and pH balanced for taste.
  • Cafeina is derived from the purest spring water in North America. Cafeina uses naturally pure spring water from a mountain spring protected from all elements by a 1,500-acre forest in Pennsylvania. Our spring water undergoes an eco-friendly treatment process involving the use of ozonation, UV light & three-stage micro-filtration.
  • Our caffeine infused spring water gives you energy & helps you focus while electrolytes keep you hydrated & healthy. Cafeina is great for pre-workout energy, hydration and electrolyte replacement for post-workout recovery.

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